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Calm Sea

Strategic Accounting Finland

The business performance and strategic success of our customers is at the core of the SAF services. Our way of operating has developed over 40 years to a concise and efficient form. We would like to get to know you, since we believe that results are achieved through practical efforts between people.

Our operating principle


We believe that the growth of a company – in the same way as the success of a good football team – is directly related to the quality of teamwork. Therefore, our business operations are based on the following simple principles.


Leadership in showing the way and bearing responsibility

The managing director is number one in terms of serving the company. Your approach and manners trickle down, regardless of the strategy. Ultimately, you can only manage yourself towards a more mature understanding and help others through your example.


Interaction and respect

Leadership requires an atmosphere where the truth can be spoken out loud.

Facts and discipline

Facing the facts must lead to concrete action.

Our Values

  • We are facilitators of growth – self-knowledge is the gateway to the path of growth

  • We love life, the joy of discovery and helping others. Love respects truth

  • Courage to be your true self

  • Belief in the combination of emotions and facts

  • People come first – compassion and understanding towards others while facing the facts. The most profound metric of success is the feeling of significance.

We are your partner in growth.

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