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Path of Growth for CEO

In the way we currently live our lives, we never fully detach from the digital world. This results in our day-to-day feeling endlessly busy, which causes unnecessary work at every level of the organisation.

As a managing director, focusing your time is a critical factor in terms of business success. Instead of constantly preparing new ‘to-do’ lists, you should also start drawing up ‘stop doing’ lists. This sounds like a simple thing but is hard to do in practice. Yet rooting out unnecessary work leads to productive activity which, in turn, automatically accelerates the increase of profits. You will suddenly find that you have time for people, and your example will spread throughout the organisation.

Time Use As an Investment
(Group Workshop)

  • We will help you focus your time in accordance with the requirements set for success.

  • The list of work tasks to be stopped will help you think strategically and think about the impact of your time use instead of its efficiency.

  • Confronting yourself and sharing experiences takes courage. We will help you realise your new role and provide sparring and other support for practical implementation.

  • You will take home a new way of seeing time as the company’s shared resource, a toolkit for using time differently and a network of new manager colleagues.

  • This results in a persistent change in productivity and competitiveness at a personal level and in business.

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Personal Path of Growth

  • The path of growth is a chain of discoveries and realisations through the following themes, for example

  • Facing setbacks

  • Providing and receiving personal feedback

  • Challenges of subtractive learning

  • Significance of interaction in building trust

  • Improved self-knowledge will reform your role as a manager, and you will focus your team's time and energy through your own example

We are your partner in growth.

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