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Business performance

Making decisions without facts is a risk. Decision-making should be based on a clear vision of the business operations and relevant facts. SAF specialises in helping you map out facts and visions with the aim of clarifying your decision-making and guiding your business towards persistent success.

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Competitor Comparison

  • The comparison is intended for evaluating company’s strategic position

  • The comparison is based on the actual cash flows of customer and competitor companies and provides a clear view of the mutual performance of the companies

  • The cash flow result (CFR) clarifies companies’ risk tolerance capacity, which is the foundation for strategic decisions

  • The comparison reveals companies’ financial capacity to invest in developing competitiveness

  • The comparison includes the customer company and three competitors selected by the customer

  • Contents of the report:

    • Income Statement and Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Result (CFR) for a four-year period

    • The CFR forecast locked to the current state of the companies

    • Realized investments and changes in the capital structure

    • Financial capacity for operational development, risk tolerance capacity and solvency assessment

    • Workshop to discuss findings

    • Summary of conclusions

Assessment of Current Performance

  • The current financial performance measured in terms of a cash flow result (CFR) based on the actual accounting data

  • Review of the business operations

  • Analysis of the business steering model's elements

  • Contents of the report:

    • Actual cash flow result (CFR)

    • CFR forecast based on the current state

    • Estimated growth potential of the CFR

    • Elements of the business steering model

    • Observations and recommendations


We are your partner in growth.

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Performance Growth Programme

  • Starts with an analysis of current performance

  • Assessment of the business steering model

  • Review of business processes and methods

  • Competences and systems

  • Time use and prioritisation

  • Contents of the report:

    • Observations and recommendations on stopping unnecessary work

    • Observations and recommendations related to processes and methods

    • CFR growth potential based on observations and recommended measures

    • Support for determining business activities, unnecessary work tasks and CFR goals

    • Recommendations and advice

Ensuring the Growth of Performance

  • Monitoring the execution of the performance growth programme

  • Difference analyses and corrective measures

  • Assessment of the need to change goals and schedules

  • Recommendations and advice, if necessary, on a case-by-case basis

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