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What Is a Growth Partner?

Strategic Accounting Finland Oy (SAF) has its roots in cash flow management. Cash flow combines the information in the profit and loss account and the balance sheet on how much money the company has generated. The cash flow result (CFR) indicator developed by SAF reveals the company’s performance truthfully and unambiguously. Even though we are proud of our unique indicator, it is necessary to look behind the numbers and also analyse operations and especially management. Based on our experience, management is the key success factor in every company.

In his book Good to Great, Jim Collins studied why some companies succeed while others do not. The book presents many reasons for success, but to us Finns it may be surprising that technology and digitalisation are not sure-fire shortcuts to success. Instead, management, people and facts are building blocks of success.

Success is not created in an instant, you need to grow into it. We have had the pleasure of enjoying the golden age of ice hockey in Finland, but some of us remember the time when the goal was to minimise the losses. Building a culture of winning requires the right people, facing even the cruellest facts and handling management in a mature way. Contrary to what you might think in this time of personal branding, a winning manager is modest as a person but has the iron will of a seasoned professional.

We believe that one can grow and develop into manager with experience. The CEO’s role is solitary, which is why SAF wants to be assigned in your growth towards mature and sustainable leadership. We will grow with you through good times and bad times – this is what we consider to be a growth partner.

Kari Kuusisto

CEO Strategic Accounting Finland Oy


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